3 Key Ways To Improve The Speed Of Your Iphone

Is your iPhone running slower than when you first got it? If so, then you may be thinking it is time to upgrade your phone, which can be very costly. However, there are services that you can do on your own to help repair the performance of your phone, without having to spend any money or deal with investing in a new phone. A few tips and tricks to help speed up your iPhone are services like:

Disable Background Applications:

Your iPhone keeps applications running in the background to help keep them up to date the next time that you open them. However, this can be unnecessary for your needs and can actually slow your phone down quite a bit. Entering into your settings and clicking into the general tab, you will find a toggle switch for the background application refresh. Turning this off will turn off background applications, which will free up some of your phones RAM and processor power, so your current tasks can run smoother and faster.

Keep Up With Software Updates:

Keeping up with software updates is critical, as newer software improves optimization, which eliminates bugs and errors from occurring when operating your phone. Though this does require you to be inactive with your phone when updating your software, you will find that keeping up with the software updates will help speed up your iPhone and prevent application crashes when using your phone.

Clear Out Unneeded Files:

Too many pictures, videos and applications can cause your phone to slow down, which is why you may want to remove some of the storage on your phone's hard drive. You can do this by plugging in your phone to your desktop or laptop and transferring some of your unneeded files. This will backup your phones data, and remove some of the pictures, videos and applications that you no longer need from your phone's space. As a result, your phone will likely become a bit more responsive when looking through your photo or video album, which will make it easier for you to locate images and movies.

With these three tips, you can help improve your iPhone's performance, as well as ensure you are getting the best experience each time that you turn on your phone. So, rather than assume replacing your phone is your only option, consider these tips and tricks and you may find your phone running much faster and smoother. If your iPhone needs repairs, consult iFly Repair.