Three Reasons Your Plumbing Business Needs An Articulating Borescope

Selling your services as a plumber means setting yourself apart from the competition. If you offer emergency diagnostics and repair services to your residential and commercial clients, you may find that you need to see deep inside of pipes and drains to locate the source of a problem. An articulating borescope can help you with diagnostics and provide value-added services for your customers. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in this type of equipment.

Is Your Business Currently on the Cloud? Look at the Benefits of Choosing Colocation

Getting the most from your data storage service is an essential aspect of successful business management in today's digital world. When cloud computing became mainstream, many businesses quickly took advantage of the additional space and affordability offered by cloud data storage. However, with cloud storage comes problems like higher security risks due to things like sharing rented space. Check out the benefits of colocation and learn how your company's vital data can have its own server.

3 Types of Phone Systems for Your New Business

Are you starting a new business? If so, you probably have a number of big decisions on your plate right now. One decision you may not be considering is what type of phone system you'll use. Your phone system will likely be an important part of your business. While email and social media have become big communication channels, there are still plenty of times when a customer wants to get an actual person on the phone.

How Many Security Guards Do I Need?

Security services can be somewhat expensive since you must pay security guards by the hour. But what is even more expensive is when someone is hurt on your property or there was a logical reason why one might believe your property was in danger and you are perceived to have been negligent in protecting it and the visitors. Also, any damaged or stolen property can add up quickly. To maximize security while lowering costs, you will need to know how many security guards you will need.

Field Service Technicians: What Does It Mean To Be One?

Rummaging through available jobs in the want ads, you have come across employment opportunities as a field service technician. You know the job has something to do with technology, and something to do with working outside an office, but other than that, you do not know what it is. If you are seriously considering applying for a field service technician position, here is what it means to be one and what the job entails.