How Many Security Guards Do I Need?

Security services can be somewhat expensive since you must pay security guards by the hour. But what is even more expensive is when someone is hurt on your property or there was a logical reason why one might believe your property was in danger and you are perceived to have been negligent in protecting it and the visitors. Also, any damaged or stolen property can add up quickly. To maximize security while lowering costs, you will need to know how many security guards you will need.

The Size

The larger your property, the more security guards you will likely need. Your guards will need to cover a larger area. However, depending on the nature of your property, vehicle may allow for your guards to cover a larger area.

Your Demographics

The more you know your demographics, the better you will be able to assess how much security you will need. Is your demographic more or less likely to commit crimes than the general population? For example, patrons at a bingo club would likely need less security than patrons at a night club.

The Hours

Consider your hours and whether you serve alcohol or whether alcohol is served near your property. The later you stay open, the more likely your property will be targeted for crime. Since it may be harder to see with more limited lighting, you may need more security guards who can keep an eye on your property. Also, if those on your property are more likely to be inebriated, your property may be more likely to be vandalized or to be the scene of a fight.

Crime Statistics

Conduct research on the crime statistics in your area. How many assaults, robberies, rapes or murders were committed in your area? Is your area generally considered to be safe? Even if your property is in a safe location, you will still need security, but you may be able to hire fewer security guards.

The Number of Guests

Assess how many guests are typically on your property. The more people, the more individuals who may commit a crime and the more security guards that you will need to hire. By knowing when you are more likely to have more visitors, you will know when to schedule more security guards to work.

Whether You Have Surveillance

Does your property have surveillance? If security personnel have access to surveillance equipment, they will be able to observe a larger area and you will not have to hire as many security guards to watch over your property. 

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