Three Reasons Your Plumbing Business Needs An Articulating Borescope

Selling your services as a plumber means setting yourself apart from the competition. If you offer emergency diagnostics and repair services to your residential and commercial clients, you may find that you need to see deep inside of pipes and drains to locate the source of a problem. An articulating borescope can help you with diagnostics and provide value-added services for your customers. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in this type of equipment.  

Added Revenue

Without an articulating borescope in your plumbing toolkit, you may have had to rent one and pass the cost to your customer. If you have your own device, you can charge your customers a small fee for the use of the borescope to cover the initial cost of your investment. Be sure that you charge less than the cost to rent the unit, so you can make it more cost-efficient to hire your business for diagnostics. Once the equipment is paid off, you can use the small fee you charged for the use of the item to add a bit of profit to your bottom line.

Convenient Diagnostics

With the movable, or articulating, camera, this type of device makes it easy to look into pipes, drains and other plumbing fittings to find the source of an issue. Select a borescope with a full-color display and built-in memory options so you can share the images of your finds with your customers. They can see first-hand what the problem is with their plumbing system, making it easier for you to explain and price the repairs you'll need to perform for each issue. You can also email the images to your client if they will be needed for an insurance claim or any other type of legal proceeding.

Training Tools

Plumbing videoscopes and borescopes that come with video recording and voice annotation can be invaluable tools for master plumbers who are teaching apprentices. You can review the footage of plumbing issues you have diagnosed and repaired to create teachable moments for your apprentices and less experienced plumbers.

Durable Construction

Borescopes designed for plumbers are made to be waterproof and stand up to exposure to sludge and other elements that might be found in drains and pipes. Some come with durable LED lights that perfectly illuminate each pipe to make diagnosing the problem easier, and the video monitors are often housed in durable plastic shells to keep them protected on job sites.

Offering this type of high-tech equipment to your customers can help you demonstrate your value as an experienced plumber and offer unique services that other plumbing businesses can't. Consider investing in an articulating borescope (such as those provided by USA Borescopes) to help meet the needs of your customers and your plumbing business.