Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Those Computer Parts Into Something New

Did your last computer break? Have you been looking for something constrictive and environmentally-friendly to do with the leftover parts? If so, then you may want to consider recycling those parts, or in this case, upcycling them. Upcycling is the process of creating a brand new product out of parts of old products, and it is growing in popularity. When you upcycle a product, you reduce the amount of parts you have to throw away, and thus, you also reduce the impact you will make on the environment. If you are looking for fun ways to reduce your impact, reuse old computer parts, and recycle them into something new, then consider one of the following ideas:

A Computer Shell Bookcase

If you have a desktop computer that you are trying to recycle, consider making a bookcase out of the exterior shell. You can attach some wood to the bottom to help the shell stand upright, and then you can put wood at the top and on the back to enclose the books inside the case. Then you can just start putting books next to each other inside of this little bookcase you've made. You may only be able to fit three to five books at a time in there, but if you have multiple computers, you can repeat the above process, attaching the bottom of one "shelf" to the top of the next one until you have a towering bookcase that stands several feet tall and can accommodate books of various sizes.

Hard Drive Coaster

For the overly ambitious person, one of the best ways to upcycle old computer parts may be to turn the hard drive into a coaster. Once you pull the hard drive out of your computer, you can then take a piece of steel or aluminum and weld it over the top of the hard drive, rendering it all one flat, closed piece. Then, you can just set this on a table somewhere and set your drink glass on it if you need a place to set your beverage without staining the table.

LCD Monitor Mirror

You can be classy, stylish, and environmentally-friendly by turning your old LCD monitor into a mirror. Using the utmost care, remove the LCD panel and all of the internal parts from the outer casing of your monitor. Dispose of the LCD panel immediately, as there is really no safe way for you to reuse this. Then, get a glass panel that is cut to the same size as the interior of the monitor casing or the same size as the LCD panel. Insert this glass into the monitor casing, then reattach the back of the monitor to the casing. Make sure all of the screws and connections are tightened, and make any reinforcements as necessary. Then, put the monitor back on its stand and place it on a dresser or table where you will see it often and can use it as a mirror.

If you've been looking for responsible ways of recycling your old computer parts without having to throw them all out and without harming the environment, then consider making one of the three projects above. Not only will you be acting friendly towards the earth, but you will also end up with some pretty cool items that you may not otherwise have had. Contact a company like Computer Backup Inc for more information.