Seeing Spots? Tips To Banish Black Lines On Your Photocopies

If your office copy machine has started producing reproductions that have black lines on the copy, it doesn't mean you have to live with it. Because the lens on a copier is so sensitive, there are many things that can cause these lines, some of which you may not even know are there. Here's a look at where you should start to troubleshoot black lines on your copies.

Check The Original Document First

Any time you see black lines on the photocopy, you should start by checking the original paper. Sometimes, a line that's very faint on the original document can seem much darker on the copy. Adjust the copier's brightness or contrast to reduce the visibility of these subtle lines.

Inspect the Copier Second

If there are no lines on the original document, that often means that the problem resides on the copier. There are a few things that you can check there to find the source of the discoloration. Start by cleaning the copier glass first. A commercial glass product will remove any particles that may be present, even if you can't see them. In addition, consider using a small soft brush to sweep particles away from the document feeder.

There could also be dust underneath the copier glass. This can transfer onto photocopies as smudges and dark spots. Lift the top of the copier to expose the underside of the glass and use the same glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to clean the surface.

Along with the copier glass, the toner and roller areas may be the source of the problem. Since toner is a powder, it can easily seep into small areas inside the copier, transferring onto the fuser, rollers and drum. Routine copier service with a technician can help to combat this, because the technician will clean out these areas and help to reduce any toner accumulation that may be present.

In addition, your copier may have a toner collection container where toner waste accumulates. If it does, you need to empty it frequently. Your copier technician can show you how. If you haven't emptied it in a while, this is often the cause of your black marks, because the toner can seep from that container onto other internal components. It's easy to empty. You just slide the container out and dump the toner into a waste basket. Just be careful not to make a mess. The fine powder can blow around if there's a breeze in the room.

As you can see, there are many potential sources of black lines and spots on photocopies. Don't assume that your copier is broken just because you're seeing an abundance of these flaws. Instead, use these tips to find the source of the problem. If this doesn't help, you can contact your copier service specialist like Royal Business Systems, Inc. for more troubleshooting tips.