Addressing Common Questions Concerning Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

It is no secret that powering your home can be rather expensive, and it can be also be damaging to the environment. Luckily, renewable energy has undergone major technological breakthroughs in recent years, and it is now an economical option to have solar panels installed on your home. Yet, this is fairly new technology, which means you may want to have a few basic questions addressed before deciding to make this investment in your home.

What Happens When It Is Cloudy Or Night?

There are some homeowners that are under the assumption that solar panel systems will not be particularly reliable because they will be unable to produce power when there is cloud cover or it is nighttime. However, the wavelength of light that these systems use to generate power will not be blocked by cloud cover, which will ensure that your solar panels continue to provide energy on dreary days. While these panels will be unable to produce electricity during the overnight hours, they can be configured to store the excess power produced during the daytime in batteries for use at night.

Will A Permit Be Needed To Install Solar Panels On Your Home?

Prior to having the solar panels installed, you will need to check with your local building department to determine whether or not a permit will be required for this type of project. The rules can vary greatly from one community to another, and failing to have a permit when it is required can lead to penalties and the revocation of your homeowner's insurance policy. If a permit is required, you will likely only need to pay a small fee and schedule an inspection when the work is completed. This inspection is necessary to ensure that the solar panels were installed in compliance with any and all the applicable building codes.

How Do You Maintain Your New Solar Panels?

While it may seem as though solar panel systems would be extremely difficult and labor intensive to maintain, this is not actually the case. Rather, the solar panels will only need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them functioning efficiently. Due to their exposure to the elements, it is possible for these panels to become covered in dirt, dust, leaves and other debris. By simply rinsing the panels with a powerful garden hose, you can easily remove these substances so that the power output of the panels stay as high as possible.

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