Power Wherever You Go: Keeping Your Cell Phone Charged With Solar Power

When you are frequently on the road, you may find it surprisingly challenging to find an outlet to plug in a cell phone. Either the outlets are mysteriously absent, in an inconvenient location or are all taken up by customers. Or you may be far away from civilization and enjoy your 4G, but find your battery running low. The good news is that you may never need a wall outlet again if you purchase a solar-powered cell phone charger. There are several things you will want to look for when shopping for devices that can keep your cell phone charged with solar power.

Look For High Efficiency

The best solar power cell phone chargers are highly efficient. Despite being smaller than their competitors, they should still charge your cell phone quickly. They should be able to charge relatively effectively even when a cloud passes overhead.

Look For Convenience

The charger should be highly convenient. The panel should be flexible and should be easy to fold and unfold, for when you need to put it away. The panel should not be too heavy, especially if you will be carrying other heavy objects with you. Fortunately, solar panels are increasingly being engineered to be lighter.

Pair It With A USB Battery Pack

The solar-powered charger should be paired with several other useful items if you want to make sure that your device is remains fully charged. For example, if you are worried about your device having power after the sun goes down, you should purchase a USB battery pack that can then be charged with a compatible solar-powered device. Then, you can charge the USB battery packs during the day and use them to charge your devices at night, providing you with electricity forever.

The effectiveness of the USB battery packs can vary. Some will only get you a few extra hours, but this may buy you enough time to finish whatever you are doing. The battery packs that can charge a cell phone for a much longer period are usually larger and heavier, so it depends on whether convenience is your greatest goal or if your biggest concern is whether you will be able to feed your device's electricity appetite. 

Using solar may take some getting used to, but remember that the technology will not only make your life more convenient and flexible, but will also allow you to charge your device in the greenest manner possible. 

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