Where And How To Position Your Security Cameras For Maximum Effect

Having security cameras around your home is an effective way to deter crime. Trespassers, thieves and intruders will second-guess their decision to cross onto your property when they see a camera in place. Sometimes it does not even take a fully functioning camera to deter them, but a fake will not be able to capture images you can use to press charges. As you install your cameras about your home, here are some tips on where and how to position the cameras for maximum effect.

On the Corners of Your House

There should be two cameras for every ninety-degree angle on your roof. They should be positioned so that one camera sees everything to the right of the corner and the other sees everything to the left of the corner. Also, make sure that the cameras are positioned as close to each other as possible so that there are no blind spots in between cameras where criminals can hide in plain view.

Cameras Trained on Your Doors

In addition to the cameras on every corner of your house, you should have at least one camera trained on your front door, back door and patio doors (if applicable). Although most criminals are not likely to come in through the front door, they may use this door as a quick escape if they are caught in the act. Having a camera on every door will catch images of the crooks coming in and going out.

Cameras Focusing on Blind Spots in Your Yard

Blind spots in your yard are those areas whereby a criminal could come over or through the fence and have plenty of cover to hide behind as he or she sneaks across your yard. That chicken wire fence and large, dark space behind your garage is definitely a blind spot. Make sure to put a camera on these areas so that nobody and nothing can enter or escape this direction.

Cameras inside Your Garage

Too many homeowners tend to overlook their garages while protecting their homes. The fact is, there are all kinds of things that are worth some money and are stored in an unlocked garage. Do not let your lack of foresight be the cause of your stolen bikes, stolen chainsaws and riding lawnmowers or anything else that can be pawned or sold for cash. Stick a security camera in the garage, right in a corner near the side door, and up high so that the camera can see the entire garage at night.

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