What To Look For In A Better-Than-High-Quality Industrial Scanner

Piezo systems are a series of electronic devices and components that complete finely tuned and highly precise industrial applications. While there may be some other companies in the same kind of business, producing same or similar products, you want a product that always does something extra or is made better. (The Piezo scanners, for example, are one such product.) Here are three features that make an excellent scanner better.

Scan Extremely Fast

The very best scanners can complete a scan in just a few seconds. Larger objects (i.e., objects bigger than a few feet square) take a couple extra seconds, but nothing ever takes more than a minute. During production phases, time is money, and a muy rapido scan saves both time and money because you are scanning dozens of items every hour and hundreds of items a day (if applicable). When that many items are constructed and cleared to leave the plant, supply keeps up with the demands of the consumers.

Precision Scans Every Time

Flaws in materials or flaws in items you are scanning can easily be detected. The scans are so precise they take note of flaws not seen with the naked eye and not felt with the most sensitive human fingers. What that means for production is this: extremely high quality products that your plant and company can be proud of and be proud to back with a substantial warranty and/or guarantee.

Dampened Vibrations Which Can Affect the Scans

Scanners that dampen vibrations are another sign of machines exceeding everyday expectations. The industrial work floor is a place of loud, booming noises and machine vibrations that travel long distances. This affects the scanning process and may create the appearance of flaws where there might not be any at all.

A scanner that has a built-in dampener for factory vibrations cuts down on the vibrations, sometimes even removing lesser vibrations completely. Vibrations produced by sound are included in the scanner's ability to dampen these types of vibrations as well. When the vibrations are either drastically reduced or removed entirely, the scanner produces a better image and more accurate measurements from which to produce or reproduce viable solutions and products.

Getting Your New Scanner(s) Installed

While the very best scanners are more expensive and take a lot of time to install, you will be saving seconds and shaving hours off of production. Money is also saved on research and/or development the minute the scanners are up and running. Contact the manufacturer directly to discuss purchasing and installation. Reach out to a company like nPoint to learn more.