What's In A Home Theater System? How To Make Yours Complete And High-Tech

In this day and age, it is not enough to have a home theater system. You have to have one that is high-tech too. So what is in a high-tech home theater system? Here is how you can make yours complete.

WiFi and Bluetooth Everything

Almost all of your components should be WiFi and Bluetooth wired. Make sure that they are so that you can easily control all of the parts of your home theater system and sync them together. 

Here are all of the things that are WiFi and Bluetooth-capable:

  • Smart TV
  • Sound bar
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • Internet-connected gaming consoles (Wii U, Playstation, Xbox, etc.)
  • Bluetooth surround-sound speakers and speaker systems
  • Voice-activated commands and controls

For starters, get one of each of the above items, based on personal preferences for sizes and features. Keep in mind that the bigger the Smart TV screen you invest in, the less theater wall space you have for everything else. Figure out how much space you have for the TV, and build everything else in around that.

Make Sure You Have Room for Storage

If you have DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, video games, and video game accessories, then make sure you have storage in your entertainment wall for all of these items. That said, a home entertainment and theater system, even a high-tech one, is not complete without a space for all of the items. To make this part of your theater system even better, make the drawers and/or doors for storage hidden but able to open electronically. That will be an especially impressive feature.

Install Home Theater Seating That Power-Reclines

In addition to the equipment, the theater and entertainment wall, and the electrically-powered hidden storage, be sure to install power recliners for seating. A row or two of at least two or three seats each row is sufficient. If you have the room and you really want to impress, stretch the power recliners from one side of the room to the other, and as deep as it is comfortable for you and several guests to sit, recline and enjoy TV, a movie, or video games.

Who Can Install It All

Usually the store where you buy all of your equipment can install all of the above for you, right down to the electrical wiring. If you want a total overhaul on a room in your house, then you will also have to hire a contractor. A general contractor can help, but so can a tech engineer. Contact a company like A Tech Security to learn more about custom home theater systems.